About international shipping

About international shipping

Our store can ship internationally.

About order

EMS or TENSO are available to deliver.

Please check here about TENSO.

Please understand that cancelation is not available after shipping.

About payment method

In case of ordering from overseas, you can pay by credit card only. We can not receive an order by the other payment method.


About deliveries

Our store ships by EMS ( Express Mail Service ) of JAPAN POST.

【EMS (Express Mail Service)】

Delivery is available 121 countries worldwide.

【List of Countries and Areas】

It is not available to design deliverly date and time.

The arrival time differs depending on countries and areas.

You can check the number of delivery days in JAPAN POST’s HP.

Sending order items in one automatically in case of ordering two or more before shipping.

We will send you tracking number to your registered email address after shipping complete.

About shipping cost

Overseas shipping is not for service of freeshipping.

Shipping cost depends on countries, areas and product weight (including packing materials such as cardboard).

Please check for shipping cost.

Shipping cost will not be automatically reflected in the email sent when ordering, due to the system’s convinience.

We will confirm the shipping cost after weight measurement, and inform you of the official shipping cost with the “About Shipping” email, so please be sure to check the emails.

Not included in shipping cost

The following costs are not included in the shipping costs, so payment may occur to the recipient depending on the country of delivery.

Please understand that shipping cost and produres may differ depending on the countries and areas.

  • ・import tax, value-added tax, consumption tax and other taxes
  • ・storage fee of recipient country
  • ・redelivery cost
  • ・pickup cost
  • ・other necessary payment in the recipient country

About customs clearance and duty

Duties, other import tax and customs fee for purchased products may apply at customs clearance in the recipient country.

In that case, please pay directly to the shipping company at the time of delivery as it will be borne by the resipient. Plicies on taxes and sudtoms fees vary by country, so please contact the customs of the receiving country for details.

About point of caution by delivery country

We do not confirmation and guidance about import-restricted products and prohibited goods in our shop because regulation about that is different in each country.

Please make sure that you confirm the products that can be imported by yourself.

Please note in advance that we cannot take any responsibility in our shop when delivery is not possible due to import restrictions by customs after shipping.

Other for the latest information on EMS delivery, please check in advance the “Information on Mail Tracking Service for International Mail” and “About sending to each country” pages of JAPAN POST in advance.

About returns and refund

We cannot accept returns or exchanges.

About a case of your package retunes without receiving

If your package is returned to our shop, we will respond by resending or canceling your oeder.

1) If you wish to resend

It is possible to reship from our shop if you could pay the shipping fee again and the return fee for the first shipment.

Payments may occur depending on the county of delivery for expenses not included in shipping costs.

2) If you cancel your order

If you cancel your order without re-shipping your package, we well subtract the shipping fee and return fee from the amount paid and respond by refund.

In the case of refund by bank transfer, bank transfer fee is required in addition to the above.

Flow of overseas shipping

You can order according to the following steps below.

(1) Add item to cart
Please select an item which you want to purchase and click the “Add to Cart” button.The item enters the “shopping cart”.

(2) Go to purchase procedure
Click the “Continue Shopping” button to continue shopping, or “Empty shopping cart” button to cancel shopping.Click the “Delete” button to delete unnecessary items from the cart.Click the “Proceed to purchase” button if the order is confirmed.
※At this point, the items are not secured as a customer order.

(3) About login, member registration and non-member purchase
Please login if you are a member.Enter the ID and password you set when you registered as a member and click the “Login” button.If you are not a member, please click the “new member registration” button and proceed to the member registration screen.If you wish to purchase as non-members, please click the “Purchase as non-members” button and proceed to the next screen.

(4) Enter your information
Member:The address of member registration will be displayed in the ordered information section.Please check it is correct.If you use points, please enter your points.It is available to use the points as “1point = 1 yen”.
Non- member:Please enter your information.
It is not available to design deliverly date and time.

global guide global guide

(5) Select your payment method
Please select “Credit Card”.

(6) Select shipping method
Please select “home delivery (YAMATO TRANSPORT)”.

(7) Complete your order
Please make sure if your order information is correct and click “Confirm your order” button to complete your order.

(8) Get an automatic mail
After completing your order, we will send the Japanese version “Order confirmation mail” to your registered e-mail address automatically. It is not the official order price because shipping costs are not automatically reflected in the e-mail due to system reasons.The official order price will be notified separately. Please be careful.
※Please contact us if you do not receive the e-mail, or if there are mistakes or deficiencies in the e-mail.

(9) Get an order confirmation e-mail (English version)
After automatic mail, we will send the English version “Order confirmation mail” to your registered e-mail address. Please check the content.

(10) Get an e-mail about the shipping cost “About shipping”
After the shipping cost are confirmed, we will send the e-mail “About shipping” to your registered e-mail address.Please check the shipping cost and contact us by e-mail to tell that you accept.

(11) Get an e-mail about final payment ”Payment Confirmation Notice”
After you accept the shipping cost, we will send the e-mail “Payment Confirmation Notice” to your registered e-mail address.We will make a shipping procedure for your order with this e-mail.In addition, we will correct the amount of credit payment (add the confirmed shipping cost).
※Please be assured that it will not be a double settlement.

(12) Get an e-mail about shipping” Shipping Notice”
After the shipping completes, we will send the e-mail “Shipping Notice” to your registered e-mail address.Please check the tracking number of EMS on the e-mail.